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Handy Power Kit

Manufaturer: STD
Release Date: 00/00/0000
Part #: SV•900

GB Model: Game Boy
Power: AC 120v
Batteries: AC 120v


Here we have the most inconvenient battery pack for the Game Boy. There's nothing to hold the pack to a Game Boy, except for some velcro. At least the velcro is included. Also included is the charging stand, several cords, and the Handy Power 1 battery pack.

The reason behind the inconvenience is that the battery pack was made to work with both the Game Boy and Game Gear. So, compromises had to be made. A better design for the Game Boy, that actually fit it, would then not work on the Game Gear. Otherwise this is a great pack. Gives 14 hours of play on a Game Boy, charges quickly, and the charging stand is pretty slick. Let this be a lesson to all, design for the Game Boy only. Designing for anything else leads to disaster.

Last note - the pack gives 14 hours of play on Game Boy, 2 HOURS ON GAME GEAR! Damn the Game Gear sucks.