Game Boy Hardware

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Introduced in 1989, Game Boy went on to rule the world. It wasn't the first interchangeable cartridge videogame system, and it wasn't the most technilogically advanced among it's competitors. It did have one thing going for it though.

It was the best

Everything about it was the best. Best controls. Best games. Best sound. Best weight distribution. Best screen. Everything. When you used a Game Boy, you weren't just playing a game, you were having an experience. You knew you were holding the best, and when you were playing the Game Boy, You were the best.

That greatness didn't end when you put the Game Boy down. It stayed with you all day. This is known as the "Game Boy Effect". Your memory improves, your coordination becomes more cat-like, and you generally just look better. A great example of this was at the 1992 Winter Olympics. It's a little known fact that Kristi Yamaguchi was playing Dr. Franken II on her red Play It Loud Game Boy just before she took to the ice for her free program.

So, look around. Feel the power of Game Boy.