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Atomic Punk

Publisher: Hudson
Developer: Hudson
Release Date: 05/05/1991
Variants: No
Part #: DMG-HB-USA

Genre: Arcade
Players: 2
Multiplayer method: Game Link
Super GB support: No
Saves: None

Box back

Rebel with a cause

3 action-Packed Games in 1!

Game 1 - As Atomic Punk, rescue your friends from the invading Nukies. They're being held hostage in the nearby nuclearfactories. Only Atomic Punk - the son of Bomberman - has the power and weapons to save them.

Game 2 - Bomberman comes out of retirement to blast the Nukies out of Atomica. They're determined to drain the planet's energy unless he can stop 'em. Unleash massive forces as the original Bomberman!

Game 3 - Challenge your friends to an Atomic Punk showdown. Just hook up two Game Boys with a Game Link cable and watch the sparks fly! Find out who's the most explosive kid in town!

  • Buy or sell items for gold or raw power!

  • Explosive action in the palm of your hand.