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James Bond 007

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Saffire
Release Date: 02/01/1998
Variants: Yes
Part #: DMG-AW7E-USA

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Multiplayer method: NA
Super GB support: Yes
Saves: Battery saves

Box back

An arms smuggling ring threatens to create a new world order. The peace and security of the entire planet is at stake. MI6 sent agent 008 into Turkey to dismantle the operation. Soon thereafter, all contact was lost with 008. M makes a decision to send their best agent, James Bond, to investigate the whereabouts of 008. As Bond caries out this latest order, he becomes entangled in his deadliest mission yet.

As James Bond, you must use all of your expertise to unravel the sinister plot. It is up to you to determine friend from foe as you uncover clues. Along the way, weapons and items will be found that assist you in overcoming the many obstacles placed in your path. Be sure to keep an eye open for Q and his unique brand of help. Be careful, Bond, you may not be able to charm everyone.


Player's Choice re-release.