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Kirby's Dream Land 2

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL
Release Date: 05/01/1995
Variants: Yes

Genre: Platform
Players: 1
Multiplayer method: NA
Super GB support: Yes
Saves: Battery saves

Box back

Return the Rainbow Bridges to the Enchanted Rainbow Islands with Kirby!

The Rainbow Bridges have disappeared! Help Kirby solve the mystery! Search the seven Rainbow Islands while battling King DeDeDe and his horde of evil minions.

Meet Rick the Hamster. Kine the Fish. Coo the Owl. Each holds important abilities that can multiply the magnitude of Kirby's powers! Earn the mysterious Rainbow Sword and prepare to face Kirby's most menacing rival ever - the evil Dark Matter
  • Kirby is back with incredible new friends, enemies and powers!

  • Programmed to take full advantage of Super Game Boy features!

  • Provides excellent play control and clear, sharp graphics.

  • Excellent entertainment for Kirby fans of all ages!



Player's Choice Variant also exists..