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Nail 'n Scale

Publisher: Data East
Developer: Data East
Release Date: 04/01/1992
Variants: No
Part #: DMG-DR-USA

Genre: Action
Players: 2
Multiplayer method: Game Link
Super GB support: No
Saves: None

Box back


Entrapped within the lair of the evil dragon "Lore," you must use your greatest skill to survive. A skill so powerful, so unique, it's all you'll need to defeat your enemy. With sharpened spikes of case-hardened steel, you will attempt to Nail 'N Scale your way to victory. Start off easy in mysterious chambers of bricks and mortar. Soon you'll learn that life as "Spike" doesn't stay so easy. Your quest is to maneuver your way through all 50 mazes, using your spikes to smash bricks, climb, and destroy anyone in your way. Each level is a different puzzle to solve, with new enemies to defeat. They'll try their best to stop you from reaching your ultimate goal: the dragon's lair!