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Oddworld Adventures

Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Saffire
Release Date: 12/01/1998
Variants: No

Genre: Platform
Players: 1
Multiplayer method: NA
Super GB support: Yes
Saves: None

Box back

Don't Get Mad. Get Odd.

You're Abe, the chanting Mudokon - the skinny guy in the loin cloth with no weapons. And you have to run a death-defying gauntlet of falling rocks, land mines, rolling stones, and other, even more deadly, perils! As if that weren't enough, you're being chased by a legion of flesh-eating, heavilly armed enemies. But when the going gets tough, Abe gets odd. So get going already!

  • Totally Odd enemies - Armed Sligs. Carnivorous Slogs. Ravenous Paramites. And more!

  • 14 peril-filled environments plus some secrets ones if you can find them.

  • Possess sligs with chants, and speak your mind with whistles and farts.