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Publisher: NAMCO
Developer: NAMCO
Release Date: 04/01/1991
Variants: No
Part #: DMG-PC-USA

Genre: Maze
Players: 2
Multiplayer method: Game Link
Super GB support: No
Saves: None

Box back

Pac-Man's got the Munchies!

Gobble, gobble, gulp! Who's munching Power Pellets? Who's zipping around the maze at top speed, chomping up ghosts and scoring big points? It's Pac-Man, the world's hungriest character! Devour a fruit treat and get a big bonus score. But if you're caught by the little haunters, you're ghostflakes! Use the warp tunnel for a quick escape.

Now play this classic game alone or with a friend. Connect your Game Boys for double Pac-Man mania. Scramble around your own maze and chomp a ghost. It pops up in your opponent's maze, and he's got to skedaddle even faster!
  • Scarf up the Fruit Treats for even more points!

  • See the whole maze at once or zoom in on your part of the path.

  • Even up the competition by choosing a different round than your opponent.