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Pinball Fantasies

Publisher: GameTek
Developer: Spidersoft
Release Date: 08/01/1993
Variants: No

Genre: Pinball
Players: 1
Multiplayer method: NA
Super GB support: No
Saves: None

Box back

Consider yourself a pinball wizard? Think you have what it takes to flip the scoreboards? Do you have the skill to master high speed flipper action? If so, then Pinball Fantasies is right up your alley. Crafted to feel and play like the timeless arcade machines. Pinball Fantasies is a pinball lovers dream.
Or, is it fantasy?

Pinball Fantasies Features:
  • Fast, full-screen table scrolling

  • Authentic ball movement

  • Variable table angles

  • Dot matrix pinball animations

  • Full table tilt

  • Great sound effects and music

  • Four unique tables that will keep you playing for hours