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Punisher, The: The Ultimate Payback!

Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Beam Software
Release Date: 07/01/1991
Variants: No
Part #: DMG-NS-USA

Genre: Shooter
Players: 1
Multiplayer method: NA
Super GB support: No
Saves: None

Box back

Crime. The stench is everywhere. But now Jigsaw and his band of drug lords will be taught a lesson in justice - Punisher style!

There's nowhere for them to hide. Packing my M60 machine gun. nitro-charged grenades and heat-seaking rockets, I will hunt them down from the urban New York jungle to the voodoo-infested wilds of South America... destroying everything evil in my sight!

Hope Spider-Man doesn't get in my way... hundreds of enemies...unbeatable odds...only I can deliver the ULTIMATE PAYBACK!

  • Advanced arsenal of Punisher weaponry!

  • Explosive shoot 'em up action - everything's a target!

  • Five "real-arcade" levels.