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Super Battletank

Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
Developer: Absolute Entertainment
Release Date: 04/01/1994
Variants: Yes
Part #: DMG-N6-USA

Genre: Simulation
Players: 1
Multiplayer method: NA
Super GB support: No
Saves: None

Box back

Now you can take the fury of modern armored combat with you wherever you go--SUPER BATTLETANK™ roars onto Game Boy®! Take control of the fearsome M1A1 battletank and power over the dunes to wreak havoc on the enemy! All of the M1's lethal armaments are at your command--smoke screens, the 7.62mm machine gun, and the mighty 120mm main cannon! Realistic missions and maneuvers put you in the thick of the incendiary danger of modern armored warfare!

  • The newest in the best-selling SUPER BATTLETANK series!

  • 10 action-packed missions!

  • Battle dangerous hordes of sophisticated Soviet-made weaponry!


DMG-N6-USA-1 - SVG Distribution logo added on the back of the box..


Other sites have part number listed as DMG-YH-USA??