The Game Boy Database

Have questions? Sorry to hear it.

Q. Why do you guys like Game Boy so much? Portable System X is sooooooo much better. N00bs.

A. This is why everyone shouldn't be allowed on the internet. Everyone knows Game Boy is the best portable ever. faq

Q. Why don't you guys do imports?

A. Because we just don't A-Hole. Don't you know how much more work that would be? faq


A. No we didn't calm down. We just didn't get to it yet.... Yeah that's the ticket. Or you just made it up in your wild imagination. faq

Q. Dude where is the Sachen games?

A. Fuck Sachen. faq

Q. Dude, Game X's information is soooooooo wrong. Please fix it because wikipedia says otherwise. k thnx.

A. No. Wikipedia isn't always right. We are. faq

Q. Can I buy your copy of Game X?

A. You will have to pry it from our cold, dead hands. faq

Q. I have something not listed on the site. Wanna buy it?

A. Maybe, Contact Us faq

Q. Do you guys work for Nintendo?

A. lol. no. faq

Q. Can I come to your house and see your massive Game Boy collections?

A. Absolutely not, unless you are our friend already and have completed the 30 page portable gaming system background check.